CHINA – Kick off in a few days!

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🇨🇳CHINA🇨🇳 – Kick off in a few days!

06. 03 – Hangzhou
07. 03 – Shanghai
08. 03 – Wuhan

Workshops at afternoons, shows at evenings!
Guests from China and jams sessions with participants
Sponsored by my buddies from “10S Guitars”


Hangzhou, China.



I’ve had surprise guest guitarist from China coming on stage with me tonight in Hangzhou…and this young man learned my tune “Full Throttle” and played it with me UNISON from beginning till end!!!

Only in Asia!❤️


Hangzhou show and masterclass done!

Such an awesome audience!

Shanghai tomorrow


Shanghai Shanghai – Masterclass/Workshop

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Igor Paspalj - "Full Throttle" Feat. Zhang Qing Live in China, Shanghai - YuYinTang Live recording straight from the mixing desk. We played unison mostly, with me throwing in octaves, harmonies and variations here and there. It sounds like one giant Chorus guitar

Shanghai show done! What a blast, what an amazing audience! Tomorrow – Wuhan

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Wuhan masterclass and show done! Such an awesome evening! Off to Beijing for a few days rest and sightseeing!


Big thanks to everybody that came to my Workshops, Masterclasses and Shows in China! Huangzhou, Shanghai, Wuhan!
And hughe thanks to "10S Guitars" company and my hosts Lee, Mia, and everybody else that took care of me and made this as professional and amazing as possible!
Some BIG new Asia project is "cooking" right now - I'm not allowed to talk about details yet. But It's coming, and I can't wait for it!

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