Quick & Easy guitar frets polishing with this GREAT tool

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Check out this great and handy guitar tool, suitable for everybody!
Here, I’m demonstrating “FrtLzr” – Fret Polishing Kit, simple tool which is gonna keep your guitar fingerboard and frets in great playing condition at all times

Super quick and simple to use!

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FRTLZR® – Premier Guitar Tools for Optimal Fret Maintenance


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The pinnacle of German innovation in guitar tools, offering a comprehensive suite for fret spot leveling and fret polishing that caters to musicians globally. Through our strategic partnership with Just Beyond SRL, we provide accessible, ergonomic solutions like the FRTLZR® Fretshaper and our acclaimed FRTLZR® Fret Polishing Kit, designed to elevate the sound and playability of your guitar or bass.

FRTLZR® Fretshaper: The Ultimate Fret Spot Leveling Kit

The FRTLZR® Fretshaper stands at the forefront of guitar maintenance technology. Ingeniously designed to address common fret issues such as buzzing or dead notes, this kit ensures each fret is perfectly leveled for the best playing experience. Alongside our fret polishing solutions, the FRTLZR® Fretshaper is a testament to our commitment to providing all-encompassing guitar tools that are both effective and user-friendly.

FRTLZR® Fret Polishing Kit: Achieving Fret Brilliance

Our FRTLZR® Fret Polishing Kit is the cornerstone of fret maintenance, designed to bring out the best in your frets. This comprehensive kit ensures your frets are not only visually stunning but also offer a silky-smooth playing experience. By reducing friction and enhancing the longevity of your frets, our polishing kit plays a crucial role in achieving the perfect tone and playability, making it an indispensable tool for every guitarist.

Guitar Tools Designed with You in Mind

FRTLZR® is dedicated to empowering both musicians and professional technicians with a full range of guitar tools for every aspect of instrument maintenance. With a primary focus on solutions for guitarists, we aim to equip you with the tools necessary for fret spot leveling, fret polishing, and comprehensive guitar or bass setup and maintenance. Our goal is to cover all bases, allowing you to perform essential maintenance without the need to consult a luthier.


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