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Igor Paspalj – JTC Guitar Artist, Music and guitar teacher, MD of Music Theory, living and working as session musican/guitarist in Dubai, UAE.

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Guitar Lessons and

“Here You can find my lesson packs, tutorials, guitar tabs, backing tracks and Masterclasses which You can purchase trough JTC Guitar Website”

“Before The Dawn” is my new power ballad...
Igor Paspalj – “Tokyo Heat” – Official Video
Igor Paspalj “Tokyo Heat” Muzika i aranžman:...
Igor Paspalj – “Cassiopeia” – Official Video
Igor Paspalj ” Cassiopeia” Muzika i aranžman:...

Knowledge is everything

My Skills.

Guitar lessons

Dive deep into speed picking techniques, legato, arpeggios, tappings and lot more in exclusive one on one guitar lessons

Music Theory

Understand Modal scales, chords scales relationships, break out of those pentatonic boxes and improve Your musical language overal


Learn to improvise along Your favourite backing tracks, compose cool solos and much more

Knowledge is everything

Online Lessons.

with Igor Paspalj

Order Via Pay Pall

Online Lessons

“I am offering private online lessons trough Skype or Zoom platforms” Lessons lenght are 60 minutes and they are going to be tailored according to Your wishes and skill level. After Payment is being made, I’ll contact You shortly to make further arrangements for Your lessons”

Guitar Artist

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Igor Paspalj – IK Multimedia – Amplitube 5 “Red Pig”
Xmas Day present! Sign up for JTC Guitar JTC+ membership...
The Rock Fusion Collab is here! A phrasing fiesta at...
NEW TUNE – “Night Waltz”
Here’s one new little tune I’ve came up...

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