Igor Paspalj – Enya X4 Pro Acoustic onboard effects demo

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Here’s little intro I came up with, to demo amazing onboard Delay and Reverb effects of ENYA MUSIC X4 Pro Carbon Fiber Acoustic Guitar.

I’ve recorded it with both piezzo and Acoustic Plus system built in in this guitar going into channel 1, and PM98 condenser microphone from “Paint Audio” in the room going to channel 2, and finally, I’ve blended them together in the mix.


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Guitar is loaded with Elixir Strings, of course


Get the Enya X4 Pro Carbon Fiber Guitar here: https://www.enya-music.com/collection…

Get the Paint Audio PM98 condensed microphone here: https://paintaudio.com/products/paint…

Elixir Strings: https://www.elixirstrings.com

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