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The first JTC Jam of the Month winner to ever become a JTC artist, and for good reason. His winning entry that lead to his inclusion to the JTC roster took a Claudio Pietronik track and made it all his own. Croatian born Igor moved to Bosnia at the age of 10 during the early stages of the war, and has since completed a 4-year arts programme in just 3 years, been named “Best Student of Banja Luka” and gone on to become a professor at that very academy. His work in prog-rock bands and solo material on YouTube has helped him carve out a name as a player able to perform all-out assaults on guitar, filled with speed and sweep picking in the same guise as Zakk Wylde and Justin Derrico.

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Fusion Jam (Jamín Backing Tracks)

Here’s quick fusion inspired jam over one of the amazing “Jamín Backing Tracks”. This one features:   Zoran ZSguitars Simic custom made Strat ColMax Pickups

Zoran ZS Guitars Simic

I had A LOT of extra guitar hardware laying around at home, so my friend and luthier “Zoran ZS Guitars Simic” made me 2 brand